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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The  Soho London Independent Film Festival presents an opportunity to be visionary and optimistic about the future of the arts and the role Television and Film can have in entertaining the public, challenging a culture of complacency and apathy that is damaging us and our planet. 

I’d love to provide a forum that entertains, promotes the industry and helps in the shaping of public dialogue about the most important issues humanity faces in the next 50 years. Ideally people will take action when they see a film that enters our festival.

The days of passive consumption at the expense of people, the planet and communities we live in have to be over because the human race cannot sustain itself for much longer.

The exciting opportunity in the Television, Film and entertainment Industry now lies in filmmakers abilities to explore what people love about life, their communities, country and planet. The things that we can all build on with joy and optimism.

Equally filmmakers can explore the issues that people are worried, angry, sad or frustrated about and  visions that offer solutions. We want to encourage viewers to change and transform as individuals, local community and members of the wider society. Think of the pebble in the pond and the ripples that go out!

Our festival is unique, in that we want to actively encourage artists to listen in the communities they write about, actively engage the community(s) in the creation of the film and aim to leave a lasting and positive legacy in that community.

Zero 1 Studios with Capitol City Colleges have initiated this work.

Julia, Liz and I will work together with Erik to develop and direct the festival and associated activities in the coming years. We will also link our work to Global Social and Environmental Impact Investment networks to develop opportunities to fund creative content, training opportunities and studio infrastructure. 

We started with our Festival gathering in 2019. A lot has changed since then. So consider the opportunity and take plenty of time to work on projects that you might like to develop and enter into the festival either next year or the year after.

In the meantime join us to experience our first full festival on line in November.

Please join in as we work to do our bit to transform our threatened society and planet by developing the Television, Film and Entertainment Industry to be a proverbial mirror that reflects reality and challenges us all to change.

Love and Peace



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